To Educate

Present your latest research at IAMA Annual Meeting. Get involved and speak in your local chapter "Public Awareness" monthly meetings.

To Connect

Meet other Iranian health care professionals and make valuable connections. Connect with your peers through our online membership directory.

To Inspire

Share your medical or clinical research interests with your Iranian American colleagues and receive feedback at our scientific workshops, educational courses, annual meetings and chapters’ Social/Scientific Events.

To Help and Support

Through IAMA resources, reach and help those individuals or families who are in need of medical attention, or educational assistance.

To Mentor and Lead

Lead a study group. Mentor Iranian American medical students, Iranian medical graduates, or research fellows. Volunteer for abstract review, committee and/ or chapter membership and leadership.

To Save

Reduce the registration fees for the Annual Meeting and other programming throughout the year.

The Off-line option requires that you print & fill out the membership form and mail it to IAMA Central office. Processing of offline membership applications and payments will take 3-4 weeks after all documents have been received & processed by IAMA central office. Click here to open the form.

The On-line option (below) is a safe, easy, and quick way to enter your information and pay your membership fee. It takes less than 5 minutes to finish the registration process. We have provided the PayPal link for online payment which is one of the safest online payment systems.

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