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Why I Became IAMA Member

Around 12 years ago while I was in university of Tennessee in Memphis, I received a call from an Iranian physician who asked me if I were interested to Join IAMA. I asked,"What is IAMA?" He explained about IAMA and its mission, that a group of Iranian physicians in the United states .... Read more

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Dear IAMA Members,I am writing to you on behalf of IAMA Board of Directors for two main reasons: First, to express my heart-felt appreciation for your continuous support of IAMA and secondly, to remind you that it’s time .......

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Who We Are

The Iranian American Medical Association is a non-profit, professional association dedicated to promoting education, health, communication and research in medical sciences. IAMA conducts annual conference and sponsor is educational and scientific workshops in each chapter. IAMA is accredited by the accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education

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22nd Sep


Dear membership of IAMA: Last meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada was very successful scientifically and I would like to ...